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About Imperial Lending Services

We are famous for being with our clients all the way till they get their mortgage they are happy with. Client satisfaction is what we put before our benefits. We walk you through all the steps in acquiring our mortgage baby steps! If you are the first home buyer applying for a mortgage, this is what we do for you:

  • Not only do we get your pre-approval done way in advance, but also we have your case reviewed by another lender and get a verbal agreement just in case!
  • We introduce you to the best real estate agent whom you can get along with. We know our clients’ needs and characters, so we know who can suit them best.
  • We do not apply only for a mortgage to be approved. We apply for a mortgage that meets our client’s needs the most.
  • We hire a lawyer who is in line with the real estate agent, so there will be no conflict at all throughout the whole process of the transaction.

Our Financial Services

Residential Mortgages

Imperial lending provides a mortgage for your home because it’s an important asset for you, read more …

Commercial Mortgages

If you start or have a business you can use Imperial lending Commercial Mortgage service, read more …


Private Lending

Imperial lending has a network of private lenders with excellent rates. You can use this service,  and more …

Mortgage Refinancing

Mortgage Refinancing is one of the other Imperial lending services that you can read more by following the link …


Mortgage Renewal

Think ahead and renew your mortgage in time, You don’t have to wait until your mortgage term expires or about to expire. read more …

Self Employed Borrowers

Business-owners loans Because of the high risks of bankruptcy among small businesses, use the below link to read more …

Buying an Investment Property

Real estate investment in Canada one of the safest investments is buying a property. Banks are aware of this fact. read more …